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Commercial Card Access Control Systems

Millennium Security Services installs and maintains several different systems to best suit your needs

Access control systems are designed to provide a cost effective solution for entry level applications plus the ability to seamlessly expand and adapt to future growth needs. With our system you can start small and easily expand and upgrade your access control system as your needs change.

No matter how small you start or how large you grow, our access control system offers seamless integration of existing systems and future technology to provide you with a superbly compatible access control solution. Control who enters and exits your business utilizing card-swipe readers and access solutions with options of integrated video.

Hotel Card Lock Systems

We provide state of the art lock systems designed for today's hospitality industry. This electronic locking solution from Millennium is designed specifically for today's busy hospitality industry. Using the latest in RFID technology the new locking system is attractive yet durable and easy for guests and staff to use.

Today a hotel lock is no longer just a means for closing the guest room door but an important part in the overall running of a busy hotel. As the only piece of technology in your property that the guest has to use multiple times it is vitally important that it does its job effectively every time, without fail. The system has been designed to make it easy for your staff to use yet still have the features you need to run your business safely and securely.