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GPS Commercial Fleet & Truck Tracking System

Millennium provides an advanced GPS tracking system for commercial fleets, trucks and employee vehicles which can be remotely monitored from anywhere in the world. You'll get real-time alerts through our GPS monitoring app about an array of driving situations including driver speed, idle times and engine operating temperature fluctuations - on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Communicating Vital Vehicle Information To Owners

Vehicle Live GPS Tracking mapThe Millennium GPS Tracking system and it's companion phone app. is one of the most versatile and economical tracking device available today for diagnosing and communicating vital vehicle and travel related information to owners.

With an integrated GPS engine, embedded cellular, PCS and GPS antennas, combined with an integrated OBDII interface, the Millennium GPS system is the choice solution for fleet managers that need to monitor location, speed and hundreds of other diagnostic codes available on the OBD port of vehicles.

With an integrated connector, an extremely compact design powered through the OBD port, and very low power consumption, this unit can be installed and removed easily into most vehicles, or can transferred from vehicle to vehicle when required.

Amazing Features

Real-time GPS vehicle tracking appBelow are some of the state of the art features of our GPS tracking technology:
  • Set speed alerts
  • Set idle-time alerts
  • Set polygonal geofences
  • Set geofence alerts
  • Set off hours alerts
  • Set stop alerts
  • Set acceleration/deceleration alerts
  • Set RPM alerts
  • Operating Temp Range: -30°C to +75°C

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