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Hold Up & Panic Alarm Systems

Store robbery in progressMillennium Security will install a highly effective hold-up and panic alarm system which will not only save your life, but reduce your business insurance rates as well. Our hold-up alarms can be life savers and are commonly used in a wide range of businesses.

Businesses That Should Have Hold-Up Alarms

Security hold-up and robbery alarms should be implemented in most retail and commercial situations. The following is a list of the most common types of business where you should expect to have one:

  • Restaurant business
  • Convenience stores
  • Beer and liquor stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Banks & Credit Unions
  • Retail stores

Virtually any business that deals directly with the public should have a hold-up alarm system installed and configured to their specific needs. These days businesses that don’t deal directly with the public are also becoming more susceptible to armed robberies and other violent crimes, so if that is the kind of business you own, you should consider consulting with Millennium to discover your security weaknesses and how we can rectify them for you.

Enjoy Cheaper Business Insurance

If your business has a hold-up alarm system installed, you can expect a reduction in your insurance rates, which over time will pay for the system itself. You have to contact your business insurance company to find out the specific details related to your policy for a more accurate amount in savings you’ll get.

Get In Touch With Us!

If you own your own business and would like to increase it’s security, you’ve come to the right place. Millennial will install the necessary equipment and monitoring system that will not only immediately alert the police in the event of a robbery or hold-up, but will capture the video images of the perpetrators and save them to the cloud in real time. Simply contact us at 855-437-4707 today to get started or click the appointment button to send us an instant message. We’ll respond to you promptly.