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Key fob and card access controlNow you can add an extra layer of security with commercial code locks, key fob and swipe card access control. Cost effective access control that adapts to your security needs. You can start small and easily upgrade your access control system as your security needs change.

No matter how small your business starts or how large it grows, our fob and card access systems offer seamless integration into existing systems and can be upgrade with future technology to provide you with a superbly compatible access control solution.

What is Swipe Card Access?

Fob and key cards allow business owners to control access to specific areas of their business through the use of a specially designated and programmed smart cards, keys fobs or smart door locks. Swipe cards and security fobs have revolutionized the way organizations manage access and security while regulating entry to facilities, tracking employee attendance, and ensuring restricted areas remain secure.

Industries such as healthcare, hotels, education, government, corporate offices, and manufacturing have found these tools especially beneficial, because access control can be easily catered to the specific needs of each unique business.

Fob/Access Control FAQs

What is key fob access?

Key fob access uses a fob device to grant entry to specified personel and eliminates the need for traditional keys.

How does a swipe card system work?

A swipe card system uses a card and reader (as seen in hotels). You simply swipe the card through the reader to unlock doors.

Is it possible to track entry and exit?

Yes. Your system logs entry and exit times. This data can be accessed for monitoring or audits.

Can I restrict access to certain areas?

Yes. You can set access permissions for different areas and easily control who goes where.

What happens if I lose my key fob or swipe card?

Lost fobs or swipe cards can be deactivated and a new one issued.

Is the system compatible with mobile devices?

All our access control systems are compatible with mobile devices.

How difficult is it to install these systems?

Installation is generally straightforward and our team can complete it with minimal disruption.

Do you offer emergency support?

Yes. We offer 24/7 emergency support. Help is just a phone call away.

What are the costs involved?

Costs vary based on requirements. Contact us for a site visit and tailored quote.

Are there any ongoing maintenance fees?

Some systems have maintenance fees for optimal performance. These are usually quite affordable.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Disable/enable specific user access
  • Lock and unlock scheduling
  • Temporary access and visitor passes
  • Customizable alarm notifications
  • Customized access reporting
  • Easy and seamless integration into current access systems

Gain control of who enters and exits your business, who uses the elevator or stairwells, all through magnetic stripe card-readers and access that information easily and on demand.

Keyless lock with fobWith card and fob access, there are no more keys to lose, and you can combine the convenience and reliability you require into one easy-to-use product. Installing a card access control system is one of the most practical ways to managing specific access to areas of your establishment and tracking all movements. Swipe cards and key fobs act like ID Cards which give you information about who uses them, and when they do.

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Hotel Key Card Lock & Fob Systems

Keycard security entry locksWe provide state of the art key card door entry systems designed for today’s hospitality industry. Using the latest in RFID technology the new locking system is attractive yet durable and easy for guests and staff to use.

The Benefits of Swipe Card & Key Fob Access

Swipe card security upgrades
  • Remote control and access
  • Customized access permissions
  • Organized facility management
  • Crime prevention
  • Live video monitoring

Today a hotel lock is no longer just a means for closing the guest room door but an important part in the overall running of a busy hotel. As the only piece of technology in your property that the guest has to use multiple times it is vitally important that it does its job effectively every time, without fail.

The system has been designed to make it easy for your staff to use yet still have the features you need to run your business safely and securely.

Unlock the future of security with key fob and card access

Key Fobs and Access Cards Redefine Secure and Convenient Building Access

Woman accessing office with swipe card

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Commercial Key Fob & Swipe Card Access

Add an extra layer of security with commercial key fob and swipe card access control. Cost effective access control that adapts to your security needs. • Commercial Key Fob & Swipe Card Access


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