Fire Detection & Alarm Monitoring

State of the Art Fire Protection

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Millennium Security provides your commercial space with state of the art fire protection and fire alarm monitoring for businesses of all sizes. Our fire and safety systems can integrate with all the leading technologies available into a 24/7 fire detection system.

Every Seconds Count When Fire Strikes

With a fire at your business, the end result can be a catastrophic loss of income, business, and even lives so ensure your business is protected and set up to reduce the risk of major losses and injury.

Our suite of products and services include highly sensitive smoke detectors, heat detectors, gas detectors and sprinkler systems which help to electronically protect a business of any size from the threat of fire.

Fire Detection and Monitoring When It Counts

Our fire detection system is manufactured to detect a small fire in it’s early stages. The moment a fire is detected, the system will sound the alarm, and notify the appropriate authorities and management immediately.

  • Custom fire alarm systems to meet your unique needs
  • In-house training by our expert technicians & programmers
  • State of the art and high quality products

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If your business is not yet protected from fire damage, or if you’re looking for a system upgrade, feel free to call us at 855-437-4707 today – We’ll respond to you promptly! We’re eager to equip your business with a fire detection system that will minimize the risk of major loss and keep your business protected for years to come.

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