Temperature Detection Screening Kiosks

Quickly Detect Fevers in Your Customers

Quickly and reliably detect fevers in your customers with an extra layer of protection through touchless temperature detection kiosks. Our temperature screening cameras detect use advanced skin temperature screening and can be installed in office buildings, factories, retail outlets, malls, hospitals, airports and thousands of other public places.

We’ll Install and Configure Your Temperature Screening Cameras

Temperature detection exampleVirtually all businesses that deal with the public can benefit from employee and customer thermal screening. Now, you can ensure their safety with a state of the art temperature screening system for a low initial investment and the following benefits:

  • It takes approximately one second to detect skin-surface temperatures.
  • Has multi-person detection capabilities.
  • Completely contactless temperature measurement.
  • Operators are immediately notified of high temperature readings.
  • Reduced false alarms through AI detection capabilities.
  • Ability to detect heat between humans and objects.

With Millennium Security Services, your camera installation will be done quickly and at a reasonable price. Click here to find out more about our security camera installation.

Key Features

Smart Fever Screening Solutions: Advanced detectors and computer algorithms reliably detect elevated body temperatures.
Fast Temperature Readings: It takes approximately one second to detect an elevated temperature in a person.
Increased Safety: Non-contact temperature measurement reduces physical contact and reliably identifies risks.
Remote Management Software: Remote management software lets you monitor temperature checks and mask detection.

With smart temperature detection screening, it’s easier than ever to identify high temperatures and it helps identify you as a responsible business owner. Temperature detection helps maintain business productivity, protect jobs, and gives people the confidence that it’s safe to do business with you. The fast scanning features reduces long line-ups at your entrances and encourages support for social distancing.

Read more about our Infrared Fever Detection Cameras For Businesses.

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