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How Key Card Locks Work in Commercial Security

Key card locks have become a staple in modern commercial door access control system, providing a blend of convenience and advanced protection for businesses like hotels, and even with residential properties. Unlike traditional door locks that require a physical key, key card locks use an entry-card that has embedded magnetic strips or chips in them […]

Motion detection sensor

The Basic Alarm Sensors That Get Set Up with Your New Home Alarm

A new home security system is crucial to safeguarding your home and involves an understanding of the different alarm sensors and their roles in a overall system will benefit the homeowner. This article outlines the typical alarm sensors that should be initially set up with a home security system and by familiarizing yourself with these […]


How to Increase Your Personal Safety on an Elevator

Getting on the elevator is routine part of a lot of people’s day, but using one comes with it’s own set of risks. In this article we will explore various ways to enhance your safety on elevators, and examine the technology and regulations that support elevator safety altogether. Understanding Elevator Risks Like any mode of […]

Complete business security suite

How To Increase The Security of Your Business (On a Budget)

If you’re starting to think about increasing security at your business, this article explains the basic steps to take to ensure your business and property are secured. Setting up business security is not as expensive as people think, and it gives you a lot of benefits including cost saving, personal safety, asset and data protection, […]

Security cameras

The Best Places to Install Security Cameras

In this article, we will discuss the best places to install security cameras to safeguard your business effectively. Protecting your business from potential threats requires a comprehensive security plan, and one of the essential elements to this plan is the strategic placement of security cameras. Installing cameras in the right locations not only deters crime but […]

Fish eye security camera

Review of High-Quality Security Cameras We Install

This is a review of the the most popular and world-renowned brands of security cameras solutions we install and provide ongoing support for. At Millennium Security Services, we understand the absolute importance of keeping your business and employees safe and secure. This is why we partner with industry-leading brands like GeoVision, HIK Vision, Axis, VIVOTEK, […]

Cashier looking at suspicious person

The Benefits of Installing Hold-up Alarm Systems at Your Business

If you own a business storefront or even an office, there’s no reason not to have a hold-up alarm installed on the premises. Here are the benefits to doing so. How Does a Hold-up Alarm Work? Hold-up alarms are discreetly installed in areas where would-be robbers and people that are a danger to the public […]

Smoke alarm

The Benefits of Smart Smoke Detectors & Smoke Alarms

To start off, note that the law in Ontario states all homes must have a working smoke alarm on every floor, and an alarm placed outside all sleeping areas. The laws apply to specific living conditions too. These conditions include the following: Smoke Alarms for Specific Living Conditions Tenants Tenants are not permitted to remove […]

Tamper alarm notification

What is a Tamper on an Alarm System?

There are several tamper-proof features on a typical alarm system. Your control panel is tamper-proof, the connection lines are, and the data storage devices are tamper proof too. What Does Tamper Mean in a Security System? In whichever way it’s utilized within a home security framework, a tamper is meant to impede would-be criminals from […]

Security system racks

Hire A Professional or Install a Home Security System By Yourself?

When it comes to home security everyone has questions and the first one is whether you they hire a professional home security installer or do it yourself. The short answer is: if you value the security of your home and family, you obviously want the best home security protection. It means you want to know […]

Camera monitoring grocery checkout

Easily Track Customer Movement With Customer Monitoring Cameras

It is well know that security cameras are an important layer of security when it comes to tracking customers and reducing loss. These types of features have been a staple of business security systems for a few decades now. With the passage of time has also come great advances in monitoring technology. One of those […]

Commercial GPS Truck Fleet Tracking

The Benefits of GPS Fleet & GPS Truck Tracking

Business owners that manage a fleet of trucks often ask us whether there are actually any benefits to installing a GPS truck tracking system. This page clarifies the benefits of installing a real-time web-based GPS truck tracking system, and how it can enhance and optimize fleet management procedures. When it comes to GPS truck tracking, […]

Smart home security monitoring example

Why A Home Security System Is Worth The Investment

The best way to know if a home security system is worth the investment, is by understanding exactly what you’ll get from installing one. Nearly every homeowner thinks about getting a home security system, but it’s understandable to be wary of making such an investment. Home Security Keeps Your Family Safe This may seem like […]

Wireless smart security example

10 Useful Smart Home Security Tips Keep Your Family Safe

Smart technology has not only made the lives of millions of people easier and more convenient but also much safer. Many people are introduced to smart home technology through modern home security systems, which utilize various devices integrated together to effectively protect and control your home with the push of a button. However, simply having […]

Security camera monitoring in the garage

Pros and Cons of Hard-Wired and Wireless Home Monitoring Systems

This is a brief explanation of the pros and cons of both hard-wired home security compared to wireless home monitoring security systems. Traditional hard-wired home security systems have been the mainstay for decades, but since wireless systems started exploding in popularity, a comparison will be helpful in making a decision as to which system to […]

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