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Licence Plate Recognition Cameras

Increase your security by installing licence-plate recognition cameras (LPR) that accurately read the license plates of passing vehicles. An LPR is a high-speed licence-plate recognition camera that takes high quality photographs of license plates, and registers the date and time the plate number was registered in the security network.

License reader camera exampleBusinesses, home-owners and private/public institutions can benefit from the added security that comes with license plate reading capabilities. The license plate cameras we install are designed to capture vehicle images and easily recognize license plate numbers in a variety of lighting conditions.

Regular security cameras do not have the full capabilities that LPR cameras have, and are not as reliable in accurately registering plate numbers. LPRs are specifically designed to reliably capture plate numbers and letters, on parked or moving vehicles.

Applications of LPR Cameras

  • Private security vehicles
  • Police and emergency vehicles
  • Business or residential security
  • Underground garages
  • Public parking areas
  • Municipal property security
  • Municipal roadways
  • Building and complex roadways

Benefits of LPR Cameras

LPR cameras can be installed and integrated into your existing security system. LPR cameras can process movement, current lighting, and distance much more accurately and clearly that regular security cameras.

Recorded car in drivewayThe plate characters are not washed out, and they can see and read licenses plates in virtually pitch-dark environments.

LPR cameras can be used for live monitoring and the images are registered for later viewing. Plate numbers can be stored indefinitely and can be accessed using a graphical interface.

LPRs capture traffic at all speeds, angles and lighting conditions. LPR cameras fit into virtually every situation which calls for an extra layer of security for both residential and commercial customers.

We will ensure your LPR is compatible with your current security system, and help integrate it into virtually all the major software and recorder manufacturers.

We Install Your Cameras

Millennium Security Systems provides a professional camera installation service and provides 100% 24/7 support. We’ll ensure your cameras are installed properly and in the most optimal positions to ensure the best results. LPR scanning can be seamlessly integrated with our commercial security cameras and still provide advanced license plate verification capabilities.

Get In Touch With Us!

We will install a customized security system integrated with LPR scanning cameras and tailored to work with your current system. Contact us to find out more information about the benefits of LPR cameras, and our installation process.

Call us now at 855-437-4707, or click the appointment button to get in touch with us. Millennium Security Systems will help you gain control over your business or home security from anywhere in the world.

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