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System Tampering Detection Combined With Smash & Grab Protection

Millennium provides a state of the art security system that is not vulnerable to tampering, and is protected against smash-and-grab attempts. You can count on your security system performing in your favour if it detects that someone is tampering with your system or has damaged your control panel.

Enjoy A Higher Level of Security

Millennium's exclusive technology detects system tampering or destruction during:

  • Entry delay
  • Alarm dialing process
  • Dialer delay
  • Control panel damage

Providing First-class protection

Because Millennium monitors all sensor activity, it knows when someone enters the property. When the system is armed, it understands there should either be an armed or disarmed command sent. If the panel is destroyed and is no longer communicating, it does not get the appropriate response signal and thus, will send a notification from its Network Operations Centre to local emergency personnel.

Reduces false alarms

Another benefit of Millennium's advanced technology is it's ability to reduce the number of false alarms you may encounter. Now, you can worry less about unnecessary trips from the police or fire department and avoid potential hefty fines for repeated false alarms.

How Smash & Grab Protection Works

How Smash and Grab security prevention works example

Even if an intruder or someone familiar tries to locate, tamper or damage your security control panel, you'll be swiftly alerted and an alarm response will be sent to the police.

Suspected alarm tampering text message example