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Get Protected With Dedicated Wireless and Power Outage Proof Security Services

Dedicated wireless alarm connection graph exampleMillennium Security provides a dedicated security and dedicated wireless service that will get you and your family through a power outage for up to 24 hours.

Protecting Your Property Even When The Power Is Out

Millennium's wireless communication system is tightly integrated with your security control panel. This connection ensures that all alarms, triggers and other important events can still be transmitted quickly and reliably for immediate response even if there's no power flowing to the home.

Power outage protection

Millennium Security's wireless technology is able to continue operating for more than 24 hours using localized backup battery power. This ensures your home and property is still secure even during a prolonged power outage.

Dedicated & secure

Millennium security protects your property even if the phone is disconnected, the Internet goes down, or the security panel is damaged.

Zero Phone Line Vulnerability

Cut phone and internet lines are a threat of the past. Millennium's safer cellular alarm systems are not affected by damaged phone or internet lines and provide uninterrupted protection.

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How Do Dedicated Security Lines Work?

  1. Sensors installed throughout your home and communicate all activity that takes place even when the system is disarmed
  2. All of the information travels over a dedicated wireless connection to the Millennium Security Operations Centre
  3. If an alarm occurs, the signal is routed to your central monitoring station for a 24/7 emergency response
  4. If a non-alarm event occurs, like your kids walking through the front door, the signal is routed to you and your pre-determined contacts via text or email based on your settings
Text message alarm response example

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If you would like more information about our power outage proof security and alarm systems for your home, contact us directly at 855-437-4707 or click on the appointment button to send us an instant message. We want to help give you the peace of mind knowing your security system will always be working even if the power goes out.

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