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Professional Security Solutions


Interactive Security

Millennium's patented security and interactive technology provides best in class protection and the ability to monitor your property 24/7. As the industry leader, Millennium utilizes advanced interactive security solutions to provide the most reliable home monitoring service.

Dedicated Connection

Dedicated wireless connectivity from Millennium gives you protection even if the phone line is cut, the Internet goes down or the security panel is damaged. Plus, Millennium's wireless technology will operate for 24 hours on back-up battery power, keeping you secure during a power outage. Read more!

Crash & Smash Protection

Millennium offers the only security system with patented technology to protect against criminals disabling vulnerable security systems by destroying the panel before it can send an alarm signal. Eliminate any doubt and make sure you are protected when you need it most. Read more!

Remote Control

Millennium's powerful interactive security platform gives you unprecedented control over your property. With easy-to-use apps and web interfaces, you can arm your system, monitor sensor activity, watch live video, and control lights and thermostats — all from a Smartphone or web enabled mobile device. Read more!

Real-Time Alerts

Have your home or business tell you what's going on the moment it happens. With Millennium's Interactive Features, you can have your house send you a text or email message automatically when there's activity that you would like to know about. Read more!

Interactive Features


Millennium's solutions offer remote access and control of your door lock. Don't leave a key under the mat anymore, now you can give out unique codes to whoever needs access or simply unlock the door right from your Smartphone anytime. Read more!


Whether you're across the room or across the world, with Millennium's light management solutions, you can customize a variety of light automation options for enhanced security, convenience and cost savings. Read more!


Millennium makes managing your energy use simple. With Smart Schedules, mobile apps and a system that learns and optimizes, you will always be in control of your thermostats. Read more!

Garage Doors

Millennium integrates remote control, alerts and automated closing for your garage doors. You'll have added security and convenience – whether you're in your driveway or halfway around the world. Read more!


Millennium's Video Monitoring solution lets you see what's going on at your property, even when you're not there. Now, you can see who's pulling in the driveway, get a video alert when someone comes through the front door or just check in to see how your favorite pet is doing. Read more!

And wait there's more...

Millennium is a completely connected system enabling seamless automation across your security, video and energy management systems. Now your home can adjust automatically to you.