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Remote Control Garage Door Security

Remote Control Garage Door Security SolutionsRemotely control your garage doors with Millennial's interactive wireless security platform that provides fully integrated control. Our system lets you easily manage, monitor and control your home's garage doors from anywhere in the world through our mobile application.

Control Access To Your Garage Doors From Anywhere

Our garage door security solution is fully integrated with our interactive Home Security and Home Automation system, which allows you to manage your garage doors automatically and on-demand. You'll never have to wonder if you left the garage door open again.

Key Benefits

  • Automatically close your garage doors when the home security system is armed
  • Receive notifications if a garage door has been left open, or check in anytime to know if it is open or closed
  • Use the Millennium mobile app to open or close the garage door from anywhere in the world
  • Safety alert features, audible sound, and flashing lights when a garage door is being controlled remotely
  • Never wonder if you've left your garage door open after leaving or entering your home

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Customizable Alarms & Real-Time Security Alerts

Millennium Security monitors all activity at your home even when the system is disarmed with strategically placed sensors to detect activity and intrusions.Customizable Alarms & Security Alerts

Home Video Surveillance Solutions

Millennium's state of the art home security video camera system lets you monitor what's happening at your home 24/7 through your smart device or computer.Home Video Surveillance Solutions

Business Video Surveillance Solutions

Increase the security of your business through interactive video surveillance that connects to existing cameras and records ultra-high resolution video.Business Video Surveillance Solutions