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Remote Controlled Home Lighting Management

Example of remote house lights control panel app.Enjoy the security and the convenience of Millennium's remote control home lighting management solutions. Our wifi-enabled light-switch system allows you to control every light in your home and schedule which lights should be turned on, and when. Reduce wasted energy costs, dim your lights on demand, and apply limitless control options all at the touch of your fingertips.

Control Your Lighting From Wherever You Are

You can take advantage of Millennium's smart-home light management solutions to reduce one of the biggest energy wasters for a home – leaving the lights on. With Millennium you can set lights to turn on or off based on an array of control settings.

For example you can turn off the lights at a specific time, have the lights turn on when you disarm your system, or have the lights turn on whenever a specific door is opened or closed.

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Existing light switches and power receptacles can be replaced with our system which communicate wirelessly, or we can use plugin light modules which can be used to control lamps, and other household appliance. They plug into an AC outlets and can be wireless controlled from your phone. The possibilities are endless.

The Intuitive Web Interface

The Millennium Security mobile app has an intuitive web interface that gives you the control to adjust your light settings on demand. You can login to your control panel anytime to turn the living room lights on, adjust the dimmers, or to simply turn off all the lights in the house at once.

By using our intuitive app, you have the switch in the palm of your hand.

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