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Integrated Remote Security Door Locks

Introducing Millennium Security's remotely controlled keyless door-locks which are perfect for home owners who want complete control over who enters and leaves their home. With our rules-based door-lock system, you can use your devices to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere and provide specific access to your home to anyone without compromising it's overall level of security.

Know Who Entered And When

Millennium can send you immediate alerts via text or email to notify you when someone unlocks the door. You'll know who entered your home and when. Plus, using Millennium's home automation solutions, you can have the doors lock whenever the security system is armed or unlock when the system is disarmed.

Greater convenience and control

The integration of door locks with your Millennium security system lets you set up rules based on your security and control needs:

  • Set your security system to disarm automatically if the main door is unlocked between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm on weekdays
  • If you know when a guest or the contractor will be stopping by, set up unique door lock codes for them. You can have the security system disarm only if those specific codes are used to unlock a door
  • For added peace of mind, lock one door and have that action trigger the rest of the door locks in your home to lock simultaneously
* Note: Remote locking functionality varies by lock. Call us at 855-437-4707 to discuss your options

The Benefits of a Keyless Door Lock System

Stop leaving the key under the doormat. Use Millennium's door lock security features to:

  • The end of key copies
  • Set up unique user codes.
  • Know exactly who is accessing your property and when a visitor arrives and leaves
  • Avoid giving out keys to all the people who are authorized to enter your property, like your dog walker, neighbour or babysitter
  • Stop worrying about getting the keys back later
  • Stop turning back to make sure the doors are locked
  • Completely hinder professional lock pickers

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