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Interactive Home Security Solutions

Robust & Cost-effective Home Intrusion Detection Monitoring Systems

Safety starts with the best home monitoring and home alarm systems! Residential security is important and an interactive security system is the best solution. A home needs to be a place where you and your family feel safe, and today's technology makes it easier than ever to achieve that necessary sense of security.

Family with home security implementedMillennium Security leads the way with the right home security solution, from individual products to entire wireless security systems. We're here to provide you with products it takes to make a house a home.

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The Best In Class Home Security Systems

We use patented security products and services that provide the best in class protection, and the ability to monitor your property 24/7. As the industry leader, Millennium utilizes advanced interactive security solutions to provide the most reliable home monitoring service available.

The following are a description and links to the individual products and service we provide.

Security Camera Installation

We install surveillance cameras and security systems for commercial and residential customers. We use only high quality access control products and provide complete installation of your camera system with reliable customer support.

Wireless Technology

Wireless and wired systems both deliver reliable security for any size home. Whether you plan to decide which system to use in your home or you plan to let your security company make that decision for you, you should be aware of the many benefits of wireless technology.

Remote Control Security Systems

Millennium's powerful interactive security platform gives you unprecedented control over your property. With easy-to-use apps and interactive web interfaces, you can arm your alarm system, monitor sensor activity, watch live and recorded video, and control your lights, doors and thermostats — all from your Smartphone or web enabled mobile device.

  • Home Video Surveillance Services

    Millennium's Video Monitoring solution lets you see what's going on at your property, even when you're not there. Now, you can see who's pulling in the driveway, get a video alert when someone comes through the front door or just check in to see how your favourite pet is doing.

  • Real-Time Alarm & Security Alerts

    Have your home or business tell you what's going on the moment it happens. By using Millennium's Interactive Features, you can receive real-time security alerts via text or email message automatically when there's specific activity that you would like to know about.

  • Smart Doorbell Cameras

    Keep your family safe by viewing who is at your front door with a wireless video doorbell camera from Millennium Security Systems. There is no better way to know who is visiting your home than by installing a motion-sensor doorbell camera which will send you real-time video to your phone every time someone is knocking.

  • Remote Access Door Locks

    Millennium's offers wireless remote access and control of your door lock. Don't leave a key under the mat anymore, now you can give out unique codes to whoever needs access or simply unlock the door right from your Smartphone anytime.

  • Remote Garage Door Management

    Millennium integrates wireless remote control, alerts and automated closing for your garage doors. You'll have added security and convenience – whether you're in your driveway or halfway around the world.

  • Remote Light Management

    Whether you're across the room or across the world, with Millennium's light management solutions, you can customize a variety of light automation options for enhanced security, convenience and cost savings.

  • Remote Thermostat Management

    Millennium makes managing your energy use simple. With Smart Schedules, mobile apps and a system that learns and optimizes, you will always be in control of your thermostats.

Other Amazing Features

Fail-Proof Dedicated Wireless Connections

Dedicated wireless - power-outage proof connectivity from Millennium continues to provide you with home security even if the phone line is cut, the Internet goes down, or if your security panel is damaged. Plus, Millennium's wireless technology will continue to operate for more than 24 hours on back-up battery power, keeping you secure and connected when the power is out or your lines have been disconnected.

Power Failure Alarm Systems

Millennium provides a reliable power-outage alarm system that notifies home owners when the electricity has gone out which allows them to respond to the emergency promptly. No more coming home to spoiled food or frightened family members, and our systems works in conjunction with our dedicated 24/7 fail-proof alarm system.

Crash & Smash and Tamper Protection

Millennium offers the only security system with patented technology to protect against criminals who are trying to disable your security systems by destroying the panel before it can send an alarm signal. With Crash, Smash and Tampering protection, you eliminate any doubt and make sure you are protected when you need it most.

Medical & Emergency Pendants

Millennium offers a Medical Pendant with a 2-way voice pendant and a 600' range. This system allows for more freedom within your own home. Need to go to the basement for the holiday decorations or to work in the garden? Our two-way voice communications pendant has you covered.

Environmental Sensors and Gas Detection

Millennium provides a full suite of environmental sensors and gas or smoke detection products that will keep your home operating smoothly and will notify you if any problems arise.

And wait there's more...

Millennium is a completely connected system enabling seamless automation across your security, video and energy management systems. Now your home can adjust automatically to you.

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We provide a wide range of residential security measures that are flexible, customizable, and help to make your home as safe as possible. Get in touch with us by calling 855-437-4707 or making an appointment and begin ensuring your home is safe and protected!

Your Life is Busy...

SMART Home Systems that help along the way

... and it's not exactly slowing down. Get control back with the latest Millennium home security products. Millennium Security gives you Web-based access to security and non-security events like your children arriving home. You can also disarm your security panel from a PC or Smartphone saving you time. Put our high-tech world to work for you, with Millennium products that help you protect your family and property.

Smoke Detection Alarm Systems

Protecting What Means Most

If you own a home, you have a natural desire to protect it–and what's in it. Your concern may be your family's safety, your possessions or maybe the investment you've made in a rental property. Either way, Millennium Security can help you choose from a variety of technologies to find the right combination to secure your home.

From basic alarm systems to remote web based capabilities and completely wireless system connections, Millennium Security offers everything you need to protect the people and things you care about.

Remote Access Door Locks

Millennium's solutions provide remote access and remote control of your door locks. You don't need to leave your keys under the door-mat ever again. • Remote Access Door Locks

Video Surveillance Monitoring Services

Millennium's Video Monitoring solutions let you see and know exactly what's going at your home or on at your property, even when you're not there. • Home Video Surveillance Systems

Real Time Alarm and Security Breach Alerts

With highly customizable real time alarm and security alerts sent to your phone, you're always in the know about events happening at your home. • Real Time Alarm & Security Alerts