Home Protection From Fire and Other Environmental Hazards

Environmental Sensors That Detect Dangers in Your Home

We provide environmental sensors and monitoring solutions that detect leaks, temperature changes, smoke and gases, and send real time alerts of existing problems. With Millennium’s full suite of environmental detection and sensors in place, home owners can rest assured that when an event strikes proactive steps are taken to protect it from damage and danger.

Get Notified About Dangers in Your Home

We protect your home with a network of sensors and devices that detect and notify you of dangerous situations in your home, so you can take immediate measures to mitigate them.

Our system accurately monitors various systems within your home in real time, while triggering other installed devices to go into protection mode.

Environmental Sensors Are Important

The more your home is protected, the less you’ll be surprised by unforeseen events that could cost you thousands of dollars, or put your family at risk.

Sensors are directly connected to your other home security systems and provide you with real-time notifications if a problem is detected or a sensor goes off.

Smart Detection

Fire Detection

Although homes are required to have smoke alarms installed on every floor, a regular smoke or fire alarm is no match against a smart detection system.

  • Our system assess whether to dispatch emergency services.
  • An alarm is sounded to notify you of the fire.
  • You will be receive real-time alerts of the situation.
  • In a fire event your smart thermostat shuts down your HVAC system.
  • Monitored smoke detection ensures a fire crew is dispatched immediately.

Read the smoke detection laws in Ontario

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide poisoning is avoidable but takes countless a year in Canada. If there’s a CO leak the quicker you’re notified, the better. Every home should have a monitored smart carbon monoxide detector.

  • In a CO event your smart thermostat shuts down your HVAC system.
  • Your smart lighting is triggered to guide you out of the home.
  • An alarm is sounded to notify you that there’s a CO leak.
  • You’ll receive instant text alerts telling you where the CO leak is.

Carbon monoxide detectorsThe best location for a CO detecter is in the bedroom hallway or outside a basement bedroom. CO is known as the ‘silent killer‘, without a monitored unit in your home, a local siren may not wake you up.

Water Leak Sensors

The smallest crack in your pipes can end up costing you thousands of dollars in damages and repairs. Your best bet is to set up water leak monitoring so you can be in the know and at the ready when a leak occurs. Older homes are most susceptible to water leakage but knew homes do have their problems. Most water leaks happen in the winter so being notified the second its detected makes setting up leak detection all the more valuable.

  • You’ll receive instant text alerts telling you where the water leak is.
  • The water will shut off automatically at the source if a leak.
  • With this knowledge you can quickly call a plumber for service.
  • You can notify a neighbour or family member check your home for any water damage.

Other Environmental Detection Features

We also provide sensors and detection for the following:

  • Freeze Temperature Sensors
  • Sump Pump Sensors
  • Panic Buttons

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