Wireless Power Failure Alarm System

Know When The Power Goes Out From Anywhere

We provide an advanced wireless power-outage alarm system that sends instant text notifications during a power failure episode in your home. Our home monitoring system utilizes power outage sensors that immediately recognize that the power has failed, all the while ensuring that the existing home alarm system remains completely engaged.

Example home with power failureKnowing that a power failure has occurred at your home the moment it happens is very important to every home owner. There are several ways that a power failure can wreak havoc on a family if it’s not detected immediately and if too much time passes before it’s known several tragic circumstances can occur.

During a prolonged power outage the following can go wrong:

  • expensive food can become spoiled
  • pets can become highly stressed, or even die
  • heating and air conditioning stop
  • there will be no hot or cold running water available
  • water pipes can freeze in the winter
  • your home will become more susceptible to appearing as a target for thieves
  • any residents at home can become frightened being alone
  • electronics can surge and short
  • the sump-pump will stop working
  • lock family or friends within a gated home

With a fully installed power-outage alarm system in place – combined with a power-outage proof alarm system – you can rest assured that if the power suddenly goes out in your home, your alarm system will notify you that the power outage has occurred, and you’ll be able to take action right away by attending to the pressing situation promptly.

How It Works

Woman viewing text message alarmYour home alarm system is fully armed and ready to monitor regardless of if or when the electricity goes out. If the power does fail, you are immediately notified of the power outage, your home security remains engaged and you can still control your home alarm settings remotely via a computer or smart phone.

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This is the kind of protection that ensures your home monitoring alarm still does its job even though the rest of your home

Everyone in your family that has a smart-phone and our proprietary monitoring app installed, will get notified immediately.

What Can Knock Out The Power of My Home?

The most common type of power outage or failure occurs at the source of the electricity, namely at the local power utility plant, but there are quite a few situations which can cause an outage, starting at the power utility or your home, including:

  • extreme weather
  • equipment failure
  • equipment damage by wildlife
  • equipment damage by falling trees
  • public mischief or vandalism
  • circuit interruptions

Almost everyone has experienced a household power failure and it’s highly likely that we’ll all experience one another handful of times during our lifetime. Is your home ready for a power failure? and will your current alarm system still work if there is one? If you answered no to both of those questions, it’s time to get in touch with us so we can help you.

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If you would like more information about how we can keep you in the know when the electricity goes out in your home contact us directly at 855-437-4707 or click on the appointment button to send us an instant message. We’re ready right now to give you the peace of mind you deserve knowing your home is fully protected even if the power goes out.

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Wireless Power Failure Alarm System

We provide an advanced wireless power-outage alarm system that sends instant text notifications during a power failure episode in your home. • Power Failure Alarms


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