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Remote Control Security Systems

Control lights and thermostat remotelyMillennium Security's remote control security system helps you stay in control of your system regardless of your location in the world. We want you to feel the assurance of knowing your home alarm system is operating properly, and of having control of the things that matter to you the most.

Set custom schedules to automate your space heater, lights, and any other plug-in device in your home and control them from anywhere, anytime, right from your mobile phone.

Interact And Always Be In Touch

Millennium mobile apps give you the control over your security and alarm systems that you would expect from a state of the art solution. Check in on your property while at work, in traffic, on a plane, in a meeting or on vacation. Remotely arm or disarm your system, get activity history, turn the lights on or off, adjust the thermostat, view live video, and send commands to your system all right from the palm of your hand.

  • Watch streaming video of your property
  • Set thermostat temperatures remotely
  • Control lighting, and lighting schedules
  • Remotely arm or disarm your security system
  • Send custom commands to your system
  • Remotely create new rules or edit existing ones

View further information about the benefits of each feature and how Millennium's customizable security alerts can bring you the peace of mind you deserver as a homeowner:

Customized System Control

Millennium's online management tool gives you the control to remotely customize your security system. You can set up custom notifications, create personalized rules, add system users, create energy-saving thermostat schedules, and set video specific recording triggers.

Set up online, download the app, and you're in control!

To get started you simple visit our access portal, download the app, connect it to your system and from there you're in control. The images below give you an example of some of the control options you'll be able to customize.

Live streaming video Remote control door locks Arm system remotely Receive status updates via text or email

Get In Touch With Us!

Contact us at 855-437-4707 or arrange an appointment to find out more about our remote controlled home security system, and how we will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve and the control over your home security from anywhere in the world.

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