Customizable Real-Time Security Alerts

Real Time Security Alert 3Real-time Security Alerts Sent to Your Phone

With highly customizable real time alarm and security alerts sent to your phone, you’re always in the know about alarms that have been tripped and other security events happening at your home. From knowing when a certain door has opened to whether the thermostat was turned up, you’ll appreciate the security that comes with customizable alerts sent directly to your phone – and regardless of whether your systems or armed or not.

Millennium Keeps You Aware

Unlike other security and home alarm systems that only work if you remember to arm them and if someone tries to break in, Millennium monitors the activity in your home all the time, even when the system is disarmed.

Now, you can get alerts whenever something happens like when your front door opens, there is motion in the basement or the liquor cabinet door is opened.

The following is a list of alerts and triggers that can be set:

Alerts can be set for virtually any house-hold event that interests you.

Know what’s going on at your home

Best in class security is Millennium’s number one goal. That means keeping you informed about what’s going on at your home or business.

Millennium Security monitors strategically placed sensors to detect activity and intrusions, even when the system is disarmed. Your security system can work for you all the time.

Completely customizable

Millennium Security’s real time alarm monitoring is fully customizable and always on. You’ll only get the alerts you want, when you want. Specify which sensors trigger alerts as well as the time of day and day of the week each notification should be active.

View examples of video alerts:

Real Time Security Alert 1
Real Time Security Alert 2
Real Time Security Alert 3
Real Time Security Alert 4
Real Time Security Alert 5
Real Time Security Alert 6
Real Time Security Alert 7
Real Time Security Alert 8

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