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Monitor Your Home In Real-time With Feature-rich Home Security Cameras

Millennial Security Systems provides a suite of live-streaming video surveillance camera systems with a multitude of features that enable you to monitor your home remotely from wherever you are. We’ll help you set up a state of the art video security system that will enable you to prevent thefts, hinder burglaries, and get alerts with any suspicious activity.

Real-time video home monitoringWatch live streaming video of the inside and outside of your home from wherever you are with a set of outdoor and/or indoor surveillance cameras.

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Our home security camera systems will give you the peace of mind of being able to watch live streaming video of your property through any smart-device or computer, and reduce the risk of burglaries.

Key benefits of Smart Home Video Surveillance:

Camera for vehicle recognition in home driveway

  • Live Streaming
  • Motion Detection
  • Saved Video Clips
  • Scheduled Recordings
  • Video Alerts
  • Monitor Visitors
  • Hinder Burglaries
  • Identify Thefts

Live Streaming

Watch live video on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Check in whenever you want from your smartphone, tablet or computer to get a live view of what’s going on.

Motion Detection

Home video surveillance via phone app

Set recording triggers for motion, like when a door opens or the alarm goes off.

Saved Video Clips

Capture and save motion or event-triggered video clips, making it easy to find exactly what you want to watch later. View recorded clips to catch up on what you missed.

Scheduled Recordings

With smart scheduling, you can make ensure video is recorded at times of the day or night that make the most sense to you.

Video Alerts

Get video alerts instantly sent to you via text or email. Get video clips sent directly to you via text or email when the front door opens, the alarm goes off or there is motion in the basement or anywhere else.

Monitor Visitors

With motion triggered recording events you can always monitor and know who’s knocking on your door or wandering around your property.

Hinder Burglaries

Statistics show that security cameras substantially hinder burglary attempts. When a potential intruder scopes your home and discovers you have a surveillance system set up, they’ll think twice about trying to break into your home.

Identify Thefts

Thieves aren’t too smart and always seem to steal things from people’s homes whether there’s cameras or not. With video surveillance you’ll be not only able to monitor who’s hanging around your home but you will have a higher chance of identifying thieves who have taken your property.

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