The Top 10 Signs You Need Home Security

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In today’s world, ensuring the safety of your home has become more critical than ever and with rising crime rates and increasing incidents of home invasions, the need for a reliable home security system is paramount.

To get your home security under control, you can consider taking proactive measures to protect it and your loved ones too.

Use the information in this article to recognize the warning signs early, and act swiftly. There are many home security solutions you can choose from when you decide it’s time to invest in protecting your home.

Top 10 Warning Signs You Need a Home Security Solution

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  1. Frequent Break-Ins in Your Area
  2. Unfamiliar Vehicles or Persons Loitering
  3. Increased Presence of Door-to-Door Salespeople
  4. Evidence of Attempted Forced Entry
  5. Lack of Outdoor Lighting
  6. Absence of Neighbourhood Watch Program
  7. Increase in Local Crime
  8. Previous Incidents of Theft or Vandalism
  9. Your Absent During Work Hours
  10. Valuable Items Visible from Outside

Frequent Break-Ins in Your Area

If your neighbourhood experiences frequent break-ins, your house could be next. Frequent break-ins are a clear sign that you could strongly benefit from home security.

A criminal’s’ best target are homes with little to no security, and the presence of repeated incidents only suggests that there’s a higher risk for mischievous activity to take place at your home.

Our advice is to invest in a robust security system that includes features that can deter potential burglars and ultimately provide you with peace of mind.

Unfamiliar Vehicles or Persons Loitering

Noticing unfamiliar vehicles or persons loitering near your home is another red flag. Criminals often scout out an area before attempting a break-in. If you observe suspicious activity and have a security system in place you can report the issue to local authorities and record the activities.

  • Report suspicious activities immediately.
  • Install surveillance cameras for monitoring.
  • Engage with neighbours to increase vigilance.

Increased Presence of Door-to-Door Salespeople

Delivery driver on door cameraAn increased number of door-to-door salespeople can be a cause for concern too. Even though many of them are legitimate, some could be scouting the neighbourhood for easy targets.

If you are encountering more salespeople than usual, or if sales people in general are a concern. it might be smart to enhance your home’s security features to prevent any opportunistic crimes.

Evidence of Attempted Forced Entry

Here’s an obvious tip. If you see signs of attempted forced entry like damaged locks or broken windows, you can consider these significant indicators that your home is at risk and was recently tampered with.

Even if the intruders were unsuccessful this time, these attempts won’t stop and they show you that your home is being targeted.

By reinforcing doors and windows and installing an alarm system you can significantly enhance your security and reduce forced entry incidents.

Lack of Outdoor Lighting

Where are the lights? A poorly lit home exterior can make your home an easy target for burglars and prowlers.

It’s obvious that criminals prefer to operate in the darkness and avoid detection as much as possible, but you can put a stop to this.

You can install motion-sensor lights around your property which will deter intruders and reduce the likelihood of a break-in, and install cameras in conjunction with the motion detectors so you can try to identify who the culprits are.

Neighbourhood Watch Program Absence

A neighbourhood watch doesn’t have to be an aggressive program but proactive people watching what’s going on in the neighbourhood will only help everyone stay. safe.

The absence of a neighbourhood watch program basically leaves your home and everyone else’s home on the block more vulnerable.

These programs do play a crucial role in maintaining community safety but if no one is looking out for each other, a home security system will do it for you, Not to mention that your security system could actually help your neighbours too as neighbour security footage is always requested by the police and used in cases against crime.

Increase in Local Crime Rates

Each year it seems like crime is on the rise. With the increase in local crime rates comes the clear indicator that additional security measures are needed.

Staying informed about crime trends in your area is one things, but taking preventive actions like installing security cameras and setting up home alarms, will actually protect your home and you can get an insurance rebate or discount depending on the insuring company you use.

Previous Incidents of Theft or Vandalism

If your home has previously been targeted for theft or vandalism, well that’s a red flag if there ever was one!> A home that’s been previously targeted is statistically at a higher risk of future break-ins and burglaries.

Criminals usually strike the same location again and again because they know it has vulnerabilities, but strengthening your home’s security net can prevent repeat offenses and potentially identify past culprits.

Secure home monitoring app on phoneAbsence of Occupant During Work Hours

Is your home alone a lot? Homes that are empty during the day are more also susceptible to break-ins.

If you and your family are away for long hours due to work or school – of just because you’re an active family  these days it’s common sense to have security measures put in place.

Alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and smart locks all provide added protection and can be manages through a simple app on your phone.

  • Install alarm systems and surveillance cameras.
  • Use smart locks for additional security.
  • Notify trusted neighbours when you are away.
  • Use your smart phone to monitor all events at your home.

Valuable Items Visible from Outside

If you have valuable items in your home, you probably don’t want to draw the curtains during the day.

These valuable items are visible from outside and can attract burglars. All they need to do is see the items, scope out your home for when you’re away, and when you leave, or at night, break in. and steal them.

We advise that for the most part, try to keep your expensive electronics, jewellery, and other valuables out of sight to reduce the temptation for thieves. and consider the benefits of an outdoor security system so you can see what’s going on around your home in real time, and deter people from trying to steal your important items.

Inquire About Installing a Home Security Solution Today

If you have time, you can read our previous article explaining Why a Home Security System is Worth the Investment to really give you a push to start taking proactive steps to increase the security of your home. This type of investment can only give you peace of mind and deter potential threats so you don’t have to stay up at night worrying about it.

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