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The Benefits of GPS Fleet & GPS Truck Tracking

Posted on Thursday, May 27th, 2021 | 200 views

Commercial GPS Truck Fleet TrackingBusiness owners that manage a fleet of trucks often ask us whether there are actually any benefits to installing a GPS truck tracking system. This page clarifies the benefits of installing a real-time web-based GPS truck tracking system, and how it can enhance and optimize fleet management procedures.

When it comes to GPS truck tracking, there are many benefits to being able to diagnose and communicate important vehicle and travel information to management, including:

  • Track trucks and trailers in real-time.
  • Knowing each driver’s whereabouts.
  • Notify customers of delivery or arrival delays.
  • Monitor vehicle speed for safety.
  • Verify payroll and invoicing.
  • Calculate distance travelled accurately.
  • Monitor truck idle times.
  • Detect dangerous driving behaviours.
  • Easily dispatch the closest driver to new routes.
  • Locate stolen or missing trucks.
  • Mitigate and reduce cargo theft.
  • View historical vehicle location data.

These benefits are integrated with a compact GPS unit that provides very low power consumption, and can be easily installed or transferred from vehicle to vehicle when required. Advanced GPS tracking systems are made for commercial fleets, trucks and employee vehicles and can be remotely monitored through a web based application from any location.

The Benefits of GPS Truck Tracking

Track Trucks And Trailers In Real-time

Easily and quickly view truck and vehicle location data in real-time without the need for contacting the driver of dispatch.

Knowing Each Driver’s Whereabouts

Have awareness of where each drive is—off route or, on route—in real-time.

Notify Customers Of Delivery Or Arrival Delays

Based on your knowledge of truck locations, you can provide timely arrival notifications to customers.

Monitor Vehicle Speed For Safety

State of the art sensors provide crucial vehicle movement information including real-time and average speed.

Verify Payroll And Invoicing

Having full knowledge of routes and travel time lets you accurately verify invoices and payroll.

Calculate Distance Travelled Accurately

Being able to accurately calculate distance travelled, lets you optimize and verify travel routes.

Monitor Truck Idle Times

Verify costs and reduce fuel waste through unnecessary idle time with a tracker that will report on true idle time vs. working idle time.

Detect Dangerous Driving Behaviours

Monitor reports on dangerous driver behaviour and detect driver events to help reduce vehicle accidents and dangerous driving situations.

Easily Dispatch The Closest Driver To New Routes

Monitor truck location in real-time and dispatch trucks to new routes for pickup and delivery on the fly.

Locate Stolen Or Missing Trucks

GPS equipped trucks let you find stolen or missing trucks in real-time.

Mitigate And Reduce Cargo Theft

With GPS equipped vehicles, your cargo and shipments can be monitored in transit, will never go missing, can always be located and increase cargo recovery times.

View Historical Vehicle Location Data

View historical vehicle logistical data over any period of time—previous hour. day and week data.

How Fleet & Truck Tracking Works

A GPS truck tracking system uses advanced mapping and reporting software through the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network that collects and transmits data to a primary server that can be accessed from a PC, smartphone or tablet any time of the day or night.

The GPS system knows your vehicle location at all times and stores it on the installed GPS device inside the cabin. The data then travels over one of these cellular networks back to a server where it is accessed for monitoring.

The Benefits of Cloud Storage Tracking Data

Cloud storage allows you to access fleet tracking data on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. It reduces the need to host large and expensive on-site servers, and provides state of the art security without having to need a separate networking system to be set up.

You only need to log into the system to view automated reports or real-time tracking data that is important and relevant to you at any given time.