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10 Useful Smart Home Security Tips Keep Your Family Safe

Posted on Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 | 357 views

Smart technology has not only made the lives of millions of people easier and more convenient but also much safer. Many people are introduced to smart home technology through modern home security systems, which utilize various devices integrated together to effectively protect and control your home with the push of a button.

Wireless smart security exampleHowever, simply having a smart home security system isn’t enough. To help keep your family as safe as possible, follow these smart home security tips that will help you use your system more efficiently.

Key Points in This Guide

Know Your System Inside and Out

Once you have smart technology installed in your home, it’s vital to thoroughly read any instructional booklets that came with the system. In addition, you should help educate anyone in your family on how the system works.

If you’re not understanding how a device or feature works or if you’re experiencing other problems, contact the customer service of your security company and they’ll walk you through it. The more knowledgeable you are on your system, the more you’ll be able to easily utilize all of the security components to their full potential.

Make the System as Visible as Possible

Security systems aren’t just good for detecting criminals when they invade your home. The presence of a security system is also invaluable as a criminal deterrent. Burglars are always on the lookout for homes that appear vulnerable.

For example, they take note of whether the homeowners have a dog, how often they’re home, whether they have a very obvious hiding spot for their spare key and if they leave their windows open or doors unlocked. Burglars usually don’t want to bother with homes that have obvious security systems because there’s too much risk involved and the reward is not really worth it.

Security systems are so beneficial as crime deterrents that some people simply put up signs and stickers notifying people of a security system on the premises even if no system is installed. This trick works very well. Some even install dummy-cameras in the hope of deterring criminal activity near their home.

However, some burglars are aware of these tricks, which is why it’s also a great idea to put some parts of your system out in plain sight like a camera or motion detector.

Make the System More Secure

Your security system does a lot to protect you and your family, but you also need to protect your home security system. One of the most prevalent security issues is the possibility of hacking. If someone can tap into your home security system, they can disable it and gain access to your home without fear of being detected.

The good news is that the most common methods used by criminals to hack smart home security systems can be combated in a few easy steps.

  • Set different and strong passwords for WiFi, security apps and any connected devices. Do not leave the default username and passwords on your security system.
  • Install encryption software on computers, smartphones and the system itself.
  • Use a firewall from a reputable security software company.
  • Regularly update the software and firmware of all connected devices to ensure that you get every security update and patch as quickly as possible.
  • Use two-factor authorization on your account. Two-factor authorization will prevent hackers from trying to reset your passwords by checking in with you via text or email whenever a change is requested.

Ensure Your Phone is Secure

With smart home security, your phone becomes the key to accessing many devices in your house. While this is very convenient, it also means your home will be at risk if your phone gets lost or stolen. Prevent unwanted access by password protecting your phone, installing anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and enabling features such as biometric authorization.

Also, immediately change your account settings from another phone or computer after losing your phone to ensure your home continues to remain safe.

Get Rid of the Spare Key

Smart security has eliminated the need for spare keys. Using a secure app on your home, you can unlock the door without the need of a physical key. You no longer have to be concerned about someone stealing the key you keep under the doormat and changing the locks if the spare-key goes missing. Simply set up a smart unlocking system and be on your way.

If you’re away from your home for extended periods of time and need a neighbour to check up on your house, you can authorize temporary smart unlocking codes for their phone apps. instead of giving them a spare key. You can also remotely open the door for family and friends instead of giving them keys too.

Coordinate with Neighbours

Smart security systems let you allow your neighbour to check up on your home while you’re away for extended periods of time without triggering the alarm.

You can communicate through the doorbell camera, unlock the door for them and set the system to a safe level to allow them to walk through the premises without triggering anything.

Once they’re done, you can turn everything back on, lock the door and thank them for helping out.

Double Check Home Security While You’re Away

Have you ever left the house for work and had the lingering feeling that you didn’t lock the door? You end up either making yourself late by turning around and checking the doors or you choose to not go back and worry all day about the safety of your home.

With smart home technology, you can not only check the status of your locks, and the security of the rest of your home, but you can remotely lock the doors, close the garage door, turn on the system and ensure that your house is safe no matter where you are.

Light Up Your Home at Night When You’re Away

A dark house in the early evening hours is a sure sign that the homeowners are away from the house. Since burglars love to strike when a home isn’t occupied, an unlit house serves as an invitation for them to break in.

Luckily, your lights can also be integrated into your smart home system. Once the sun starts going down, simply hit a button in your smart home app. to turn on a few lights and no one will suspect that you’re not really there.

Protect Your Packages

One of the easiest and most common ways of stealing expensive items is by simply taking them from the front porch when they’re dropped off by a delivery service. This practice is particularly a problem around the holidays when everyone is ordering gifts online and sending gifts to friends and family.

Smart security technology allows you to safely receive your packages without leaving them on the doorstep. Using a doorbell camera, you can detect when the delivery person is approaching the door. When they arrive, you can instruct them to leave the packages inside of the residence, remotely open the door with your smart lock and then lock it again when they leave.

Use Cameras to Watch Over Vulnerable Inhabitants

Home security camera systems aren’t only useful for keeping criminals at bay. Elderly and sick individuals as well as children need to be monitored in order to keep them safe while you’re away from home.

With smart cameras, you can keep an eye on any inhabitants and ensure they’re not experiencing a medical emergency.

If they are in distress, you can call emergency services for them or contact their caregiver to immediately begin first aid or administer prescribed medications.